Surviving in the muddy waters of the App Store as an indie isn’t easy.
Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly explore what it means to
them, what they do to make it work, and how to claim your independence.

26: Losing Control

Published Tuesday, 8 May, 2018

0:00 Introduction
1:43 What are some times where you've lost control?
9:25 How have these situations affected you personally?
16:37 What did you do to recover from these experiences?
22:19 What has losing control taught you?
27:17 Wrap-up

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There’s nothing scarier than losing control, especially when it comes to the things you’ve worked so hard to achieve. Our three hosts recount some of the times they’ve lost control (or had their hand forced), what they did to recover, and what they managed to learn from the experience.