Surviving in the muddy waters of the App Store as an indie isn’t easy.
Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly explore what it means to
them, what they do to make it work, and how to claim your independence.

31: Working Long Hours

Published Tuesday, 17 July, 2018

0:00 Introduction
0:51 Why do you find it easy to work long hours?
8:40 Should we be treating our work like a traditional job?
16:35 Does working too much affect your work quality?
26:01 How do you stop yourself from overworking?
31:11 Wrap-up

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Sometimes it can be really easy to work through a day and then keep it going until late at night, either because we love what we’re doing, or because we’re feeling pressure to succeed. Alice, Curtis and Jelly look at their own tendencies to put in the extra hours, and how it affects their overall balance in the long term.