Surviving in the muddy waters of the App Store as an indie isn’t easy.
Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly explore what it means to
them, what they do to make it work, and how to claim your independence.

33: Android

Published Tuesday, 14 August, 2018

0:00 Pre-show
0:55 Introduction
3:08 What's the history of Pocket Casts?
9:06 What kind of resources did you put into your Android version?
11:00 How much did the fragmentation of Android affect the app?
17:35 How did you manage to get people to pay for Pocket Casts?
26:33 How much of a head start did you get from your initial press coverage?
28:38 Do you take different approaches with marketing?
30:38 How does the Android market respond to freemium and subscriptions?
32:34 Are you an Android person now that you've found your success there?
35:20 What's the most important thing to do when taking an iOS app to Android?
38:41 Wrap-up

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There’s a lot of theories out there about how feasible the Android market is for independent apps, and most of it isn’t exactly positive. To help cut through the noise, Russell Ivanovic joins Alice and Curtis to talk about his journey with Pocket Casts, what it’s like walking the line between platforms, and whether it’s even possible to find success with an Android app.