Surviving in the muddy waters of the App Store as an indie isn’t easy.
Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly explore what it means to
them, what they do to make it work, and how to claim your independence.

34: Failure

Published Tuesday, 28 August, 2018

0:00 Introduction
2:31 What does failure mean for you?
10:22 How does your fear of failure affect your decision making?
16:53 Does going back to a regular job feel like failure to you?
23:39 How do you move past your fear of failing?
29:47 Wrap-up

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Failure is an inevitable part of and indie’s journey, but sometimes the looming weight of it is enough to negatively affect the decisions you make. Jelly’s been feeling it a bit of late, so he, Alice and Curtis take a look at what failure looks like for them, and how they deal with it.