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46: Hiring a Developer

Published 12 February 2019 Hosted by Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

At some stage, it’s entirely possible that you might end up needing to hire a developer to help you finish your project. Alice is considering going down that path with Gus on the Go, so she looks to Curtis and Jelly for advice on how to prepare, what to look for, and what makes for a good contracting experience.

Episode Chapters

Start Time Title
00:01:37What would you do to prepare for hiring a developer?
00:12:16Does it matter if the developer cares about the problems they're solving?
00:15:36Where is the best place to find developers?
00:20:04Is it difficult to give up control of your codebase?
00:22:02How do you decide if a gig is worth taking on?

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