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51: Merchandising

Published 23 April 2019 Hosted by Alice Zhao, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

If you have a product that people love, it’s entirely possible that they want ways to show it off. In the lead up to WWDC, Jelly’s merch game is woefully inadequate. He enlists Alice and Curtis to discuss potential ideas for merchandising, and the things you might need to consider if you’re going to sell it online.

Episode Chapters

Start Time Title
00:02:14What's the point of having merch?
00:15:17What's your approach to fulfillment of merch orders?
00:21:55What merch have you seen that's given you ideas for your own stuff?
00:27:50If you had no limitations, what kinds of merch would you create for your app?

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