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This podcast is no longer in production.

7: Side Projects

Published 15 August 2017 Hosted by Belle B. Cooper, Curtis Herbert and Daniel “Jelly” Farrelly

As indies, we’re naturally drawn to having projects alongside our regular workload. These can grow into whole new career opportunities, or they can begin to place undue stress on your work life balance, so how do you know what projects are a good fit? Belle, Curtis and Jelly explore their own side projects; both how they’ve started, and how they’ve ended… or are ending, as the case may be.

Episode Chapters

Start Time Title
00:00:36What side projects do you have?
00:03:35What attracts us to side projects?
00:06:11Should indies even have side projects?
00:16:09How do you know when a side project is something more?
00:30:18How do you kill a side project?

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